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Developing a Workplace Culture

Creating an excellent place to work.

Culture is an intangible element within organizations; but it has a huge impact on individual and team motivation. Research indicates that the underlying culture of an organization can impact its performance by up to seventy percent (70%).

With culture making such a quantum impact, it is imperative that an organization clearly manage the culture that underlies the behavior of its people.

This workshop identifies the current culture of an organization, and clearly maps a pathway to achieve its desired future culture.

This Workshop is designed for organisations who may have one (or more) of the following needs to:

  1. To define a particular culture that matches the organisation’s mission and vision. For example, “innovation”.
  2. To improve or enhance the current culture.
  3. To create an environment of higher accountability, achievement or performance.
  4. To get “buy-in” from participants around cultural norms and values.

Who Should be Involved?

The key participants in an organisation’s cultural development and influence.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. To understand the importance of culture in the workplace
  2. To develop an organisational advantage through corporate culture awareness
  3. To build a positive-thinking team
  4. To identify the pillars of the desired culture
  5. To define the boundaries of the proposed organisational culture

Workshop Deliverables:

To enable the creation and management of a unique and clearly-defined group culture.

Workshop Duration:

This workshop can be delivered over one day, or longer depending on the overall brief, pre-work, number of people involved and agreed deliverables.

Benefits of the Workshop:

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“Implementing new cultural guidelines gave our people greater freedom and confidence to act. Many people ‘stepped up’ and took greater responsibility as a result.”