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Developing or Redefining, Vision, Mission, Values

Strengthening the foundations of your organisation.

Many people underestimate the value of defining a clear mission, developing a compelling vision, and establishing a set of fundamental values. Often such items are plastered on a wall and are barely noticed by anybody — let alone “lived”, or their essence translated to important key stakeholders such as customers.

This workshop lays the foundation for organizations to perform by giving them a clear fundamental purpose, a compelling direction for the future and a values framework that guides all of the behaviors and actions within the group.

With these fundamental elements “owned” by the organization, it can then rapidly move to higher levels of performance with relative ease.

This Workshop is designed for organisations who may have one (or more) of the following needs to:

  1. To develop a clear direction for the future
  2. To develop the purpose or core reason for being
  3. To identify group values and outline the desired culture
  4. To unify people groups
  5. To gain “buy-in” for the organisation’s future direction
  6. To explore and develop a new organisational pathway
  7. To re-focus key stakeholders
  8. To establish a new group / department / organisation

Who Should be Involved?

The senior management team of the organisation, business unit, department or team, as well as other key stakeholders this group deems relevant.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. To develop a desired, future state
  2. To create a clearly-defined purpose for the organisation
  3. To develop a set of values that will define the cultural boundaries of the organisation

Workshop Deliverables:

“Buy-in” and motivation from the team. Creation of a highly-presentable document that can be given to all employees, and displayed publicly.

Workshop Duration:

This workshop can be delivered over one or two days, or longer depending on the overall brief, pre-work, number of people involved and agreed deliverables.

Benefits of the Workshop:

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“Little did I realize until taking this workshop that we did not have a clear idea of where we were headed as a team. How did I ever imagine that we could ‘get there’ without knowing where ‘there’ was?”