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Perception Management Workshops

Attaining superior performance by formally influencing key stakeholders.

Perception Management is a new management discipline that has the potential to revolutionize your organization.

Managing the perceptions of key stakeholders is fundamental to the success of any endeavor.
The Perception Management Workshop assists organizations to influence internal or external stakeholder groups, in order for them to have greater control over their decision making processes.

This Workshop is designed for organisations that may have one (or more) of the following needs to:

  1. Create a positive perception of their organisation, unit or team
  2. Create a positive perception of their product or service
  3. Develop strategies to influence key stakeholders
  4. Overcome negative perceptions
  5. Better manage key stakeholder perceptions and expectations
  6. Unify stakeholder groups that may have divergent ideals or be in conflict, such as employee groups, distributors, suppliers or franchisees.

Tailored Workshops

Each Perception Management Workshop is tailored to the environment and culture of the organisation in which it is undertaken. Specific outputs in terms of deliverables are determined together with the management team.

The workshop can have either an internal or external focus, or both. The unit of analysis of the Perception Management Workshop may vary from organisation to organisation.

Below are just two stakeholder group examples among many others:


Internal (employee stakeholder) perception:

Realistic Analysis A “true” understanding of employees’ attitudes
Closer Relations The “coming together” of management and staff
Accountability Greater accountability of employees
Responsibility Greater employee responsibility for their actions
Problem Resolution Solving of outstanding or lingering problems
Motivation Greater employee commitment
Change Door-opener for cultural change
Formal Plan A clear plan to create the desired future perception

Benefits of External (Customer) Perception Workshop:

Realistic Analysis Understanding customers’ feelings
Strategies To better motivate positive customer decisions
Better Communications More specific messages to customers
Improved Image Plans to improve company persona
Defined Roles Clear responsibilities for managing various stakeholder perceptions
Formal Plan A plan to create the desired future perception

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“At last I have a plan for directly influencing the decisions of the people and groups that matter most to the success of my business. Before this, the success of my business was out of my hands!”