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Implementation Workshops

Translating Business Strategies Into Bottom-Line Results.

The Implementation Workshop is designed to assists organisations making the difficult jump from Strategic Planning to Implementation. The implementation process is one of the most difficult and challenging processes an organisation can face. Many organisations often suffer from a lack of focus or confidence, or just plain resistance, when it comes to implementation. This workshop is designed to open up opportunities for implementation and to clearly channel action into the right places. It provides clear direction and guidance. It is also very useful to those who simply want to undertake this critical process with experienced specialists who can deliver the advantages of dedicated time and professional resources.

This Workshop is designed for organisations who may have one (or more) of the following needs to:

  1. Professionally execute their plans
  2. Turn strategies into simple, practical, operational plans
  3. Cascade strategies and actions across an organisation
  4. Provide a structured process for implementation
  5. Break through barriers obstructing an implementation process
  6. Create positive actions in people that compliment a strategy
  7. Give the confidence to a team to move forward
  8. Align people, systems and processes to a new plan or direction
  9. Manage stakeholder groups that will be affected by change
  10. Eliminate politics and other barriers to implementation
  11. Prepare an organisation for change

Who Should be Involved?

The senior management team of the organisation, business unit, department or team to which the growth plans relate.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Convert strategies into a format and style that enables them to be very easily understood by executives, managers, supervisors and employees alike
  2. Advise how best to implement and cascade the strategy across the team, unit or organisation
  3. Diagnose the current business structure and assess its ability to deliver the desired results.
  4. Analyse the current resources and capabilities of the business and assess what future resources and capabilities are needed in both the short and long term
  5. Clarify and make recommendations about how to better align the organisation to efficiently achieve the strategy and how it can attain international best practice standards
  6. Assign leaders at all levels to various components of the strategy
  7. Provide a realistic plan and timetable that can be easily implemented

Workshop Deliverables:

The deliverables of each Workshop are agreed upon prior to undertaking the program and are typically:

  1. A summarised strategy and implementation plan that is clear, concise and easy to communicate at all levels of the organisation
  2. Defined objectives for business and operational levels
  3. Clearly defined management roles and responsibilities
  4. A timeline and action plan to keep people accountable

Workshop Duration:

This workshop can be delivered over one or two days, or longer depending on the overall brief, pre-work, number of people involved and agreed deliverables.

Benefits of the Workshop:

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“We have always struggled to implement our ideas. Now, with a clear step-by-step guide, we have been able to achieve what we have never achieved before.”