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High-Growth Workshops

Attaining Superior Organisational Performance Through Higher Growth and Development.

The High Growth Workshop is a high-level assessment of the key drivers of growth for a particular team, business unit, department or organisation.

This Workshop is designed for organisations who may have one (or more) of the following needs to:

  1. Attain strong growth
  2. Develop and deploy plans rapidly
  3. Enter into new market segments
  4. Create a forum for new and innovative ideas
  5. Gain buy-in to a program of growth
  6. Create a spark and ignite action in people that will lead to growth
  7. Explore or enter international markets
  8. Undergo a facilitated review of their operational performance

Who Should be Involved?

The senior members of a team, business unit, department or organisation and as many other stakeholders as they deem appropriate.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Weigh up the strategic options and scenarios
  2. Identify the best scenario for growth
  3. Outline the challenges and obstacles involved in achieving the strategy
  4. Diagnose the current operations and assess the capability of the organisation to achieve the strategy
  5. Provide a road map to achieve the desired growth so that executives and managers have a clear pathway to direct their resources

Workshop Deliverables:

The deliverables of each Workshop are agreed upon prior to undertaking the program and are typically:

  1. A clear vision of how to grow
  2. A written strategy that clearly identifies the optimum path for the businesses-growth (generated from the Workshop)
  3. A best practice operational diagnostic report
  4. Consensus among the senior management team
  5. Presentations and training in best-practice strategic management

Workshop Duration:

This workshop can be delivered over one or two days, or longer depending on the overall brief, pre-work, number of people involved and agreed deliverables.

Benefits of the Workshop:

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“Working, hands-on, in this way, showed me how to overcome some frustrating blocks to our organisation’s growth…maybe the most usefull knowledge I have gained in years.”