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Managing Workplace Conflict

Managing Workplace Conflict.

Most people view conflict as negative. However, it does not always have to have an adverse effect on an organization. Sometimes conflict can open up doors for new pathways and opportunities.

While some conflict is impossible to solve, often a skilled third party can move particular parties into a better or more manageable situation, and can help identify positive aspects of a particular circumstance. This workshop helps its participants overcome conflict and attain a more harmonious and productive work environment.

This Workshop is designed for organisations who may have one (or more) of the following needs to:

  1. To create unity among individuals, a team or group
  2. To negotiate or mediate solutions between stakeholders
  3. To resolve underlying issues between individuals or groups

Who Should be Involved?

The various stakeholders who are directly affected by conflict.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. To understand the issues of the various parties
  2. To differentiate between conflict and disagreements
  3. To understand the disruptions that are caused by the misunderstandings
  4. To recognise the contributing factors to the current situation
  5. To differentiate between symtoms and causes
  6. To give constructive feedback to participants
  7. To develop possible solutions to the key challenges
  8. To obtain agreement by the stakeholders for the proposed resolution/s

Workshop Deliverables:

A process that enables the various stakeholders the opportunity resolve the challenges that they are currently facing.

Workshop Duration:

The process and workshop is variable, contingent upon the overall brief, pre-work, number of people involved and agreed deliverables.

Benefits of the Workshop:

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“Headaches that had dogged me for ages suddenly vanished after I learned the essential skills of Conflict Resolution. I couldn’t recommend this workshop highly enough to anyone who wants peace in his or her workplace.”