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Masters in Strategic Management and Leadership

Strategically Leading Organisational Performance

This program in an extended, in-depth, practical program. It focuses on strategic management and leadership principles, as well as incorporating all of the other Blaze Institute programs on management, leadership, strategic transformation, high performance, emotional intelligence, perception management and negotiation.

It is the ultimate program for managers, and organisations who want to significantly improve their performance.

Strategic management and leadership are two vital disciplines that are absolutely imperative for people who are involved in managing a team, business unit or organisation. In fact, many would argue that these are the two most important attributes necessary for an individual to perform at his or her peak.

Strategic management practices ensure that the future direction of an organisation is always in alignment with the prevailing conditions. Such skills enable leaders to dynamically craft a way forward for their team or organisation — no matter what the circumstances. This ability is, in fact, the first prerequisite of leadership. True leaders must have critical insights and an awareness of the future of their organisation that are far in advance of their teams.

This program is an intensive, in-depth program that combines the two vital elements of strategic management and leadership. As a part of the program participants are required to practically apply the principles to their own professional circumstances and to monitor their progress.

The Purpose of this Program

Program Objectives

By the end of the workshops, participants will know how to:

Program Overview

This twenty-day program is structured to significantly up-skill your team, and to achieve significant business results as a result of its practical requirements.

What Makes this Program Different?

The sessions are spread out over a designated time period and participants are required to achieve both business and personal objectives in-between the workshops. This enables real, tangible and measurable outcomes to be achieved and assessed. Participants learn from on-the-job experience plus the valuable de-brief sessions that are scheduled into the program. It is at such sessions that participants have the opportunity to ask questions about their experience with both the program facilitator and other participants. Often managers do not have a forum in which they are able to openly express their successes and failures. This, therefore, provides them with the ideal practical learning experience—in a totally non-threatening environment.

If required, on-site coaching of participants may be included for individuals or teams of people, enabling a very rich and practical experience for participants.

Who Should Attend?

The program is suitable for managers at all levels. It may be attended by: senior managers, line managers, business-unit managers, operational managers, functional managers, marketing, sales, human resources, supply chain, business development, accounting, legal, as well as up-and-coming managers.

It may also be suitable for an entire team from a business unit to attend as a core group.

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“This is a rigorous program that will help you be perceived as a much more systematic, strategic and professional leader. It is an intensive and highly practical learning experience that will decisively shape you for strategic management and leadership roles.”