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Persuasive Presentation Skills


The Art of Delivering Compelling Messages

Research indicates that the number one fear that most people have in life is speaking in front of groups of people—and especially large ones. None-the-less, giving presentations is a very necessary part of business and organizational life. Often leaders are defined by their ability to speak in public.

Leaders at all levels of organizations must develop the ability to speak in front of groups—irrespective of whether they are friendly, neutral or hostile. They must learn the ability to think on their feet, be able to respond to challenging questions, or divert their thought patterns at a moment’s notice.

These skills will help equip them to be highly esteemed within their organization, assisting them to bring teams and groups closer together, and help build their confidence as a leader.

The Purpose of this Program

Program Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will know how to:

Program Duration

Two days.

What Makes this Program Different?

This program provides a structured process to delivering corporate presentations that enables clear messages to be delivered in a confident and persuasive manner.

Who Should Attend?

People with little presentation experience, or those who need to refresh their skills in deliving material in group settings.

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“This program will give you confidence! It will help you to deliver presentations that have a ‘high impact’ on the people that they are delivered to, reaching them in a way that is highly persuasive.