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Harnessing Emotional Intelligence

Developing High-Potential Leaders

A Program Specifically Designed to Develop High-Potential Leaders on Both a Personal and Business Level.

The Purpose of this Program

Program Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will know how to:

What Makes this Program Different?

This program highlights the power of emotional intelligence, while also touching on perception management as a complimentary skill. The two subjects combined provide for a unique and very enriching experience for participants.

Who Should Attend?

People who desire to use emotional intelligence as a source of personal competitive advantage.

I am interested in running this program for a group of people within my organisation. Please send me more information.

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Please describe any special considerations:

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“This program enables you to increase organizational performance through the management of people’s emotions. It helps both individuals and teams to become more emotionally aware and to use this to positively impact performance.”