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Developing A Powerful Brand Image


Creating and Managing Compelling Brand Propositions for Excellent Customer Experiences

Strong brands are an immensely powerful force in the minds of customers.

A strong brand can captivate and retain customer loyalty for a considerable amount of time—sometimes for decades. The value of such brands is enormous, as the future cash flows that they generate is substantial. That’s why successful businesses around the world invest heavily in their brands. They recognize that strong brands can command a “premium” in the market place, and therefore highly value them as commercial assets.

This program outlines the core principles of brand management, and assists its participants to build a powerful brand image for their product, service or organization.

The Purpose of this Program

Program Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will know how to:

Program Duration

Two days.

What Makes this Program Different?

The program follows a uniquely structured methodology for creating powerful brands, and maximizing their value.

Who Should Attend?

Any person who needs to understand how to create and implement a powerful and sustainable brand.

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“A brand is the very essence of an organization. It is its very life force.”

“This program helps you to dynamically build and manage the image of your product, service or organisation.”