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Managing and Resolving Conflict


Solving and Managing Workplace Conflict

With the many stakeholders and interest groups involved in most workplaces today, conflict is inevitable at some time or another. But conflict does not always have to be negative. Conflict can also have positive effects.

This program looks at conflict from differing perspectives and focuses on how it can be transformed from a destructive force to relationships and performance into a positive catalyst for growth and development.

The Purpose of this Program

Program Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will know how to:

Program Duration

One day, or longer should there be a need to implement some of the ideas in the program.

What Makes this Program Different?

This program includes techniques for managing the emotions of people during the process of conflict, opening the door for faster solutions to be generated and a positive approach to be adopted.

Who Should Attend?

People who wish to understand and manage conflict in the workplace.

I am interested in running this program for a group of people within my organisation. Please send me more information.

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