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Building and Managing Dynamic Teams


Maximizing Team Performance

One of the central roles of a leader is to build and manage strong teams. Each team’s performance has a directly proportional impact on an organization’s overall productivity.

For organizations to perform well, their teams must be highly effective and efficient. They must be able to withstand challenges and resistance as well as be strong at innovation and problem solving. It is one thing for ‘individuals’ to master these skills: it is another entirely for a ‘group’ to collectively be competent in them. Such is the challenge of team leadership.

This program assists team leaders to build and manage teams effectively in order for them to be highly productive and efficient instruments of organizational performance.

The Purpose of this Program

Program Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will know how to:

Program Duration

Two days.

What Makes this Program Different?

This program helps unleash the talent within teams by using practical techniques that lift performance and inspire confidence.

Who Should Attend?

The program is suitable for team leaders, supervisors and managers at all levels, or anyone who needs to motivate and develop a team or organization.

I am interested in running this program for a group of people within my organisation. Please send me more information.

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“A great program to help teams develop strong, cohesive and high performing working relationships.