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Astute Decision Making


Making Intelligent, Decisive and Powerful Decisions

In today’s fast-moving organizations it is essential to be able to move decisively, convey sound judgment and solve problems quickly.

The key to organizational development and improvement is for people at all levels to be able to solve their own challenges without pushing them up the line to more senior people. The ability to identify both challenges and solutions is extremely valuable. Solving problems at the point of contact creates efficiency and leverage enabling fewer people to be impacted and allowing those who aren’t to focus on other important tasks.

This program focuses on developing the necessary skills to be able to make effective decisions that positively impact productivity and performance.

The Purpose of this Program

Program Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will know how to:

Program Duration

Two days

What Makes this Program Different?

This program conveys the concepts of decision making in the context of the organization as a whole and notes the importance of alignment in the decision-making process.

Moreover, this program promotes the idea that when challenges arise and need to be reported, solutions should also be given. This, therefore, saves valuable time of people up-the-line, enabling them to focus on other value-driven activities.

Confident decision-making and problem-solving skills are taught that enable solutions to be generated in alignment with the business unit and/or organization’s short and long term plans.

Who Should Attend?

People who are in roles that require decision making and problem solving.

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“The ability to make decisive, quick and appropriate decisions is a powerful skill to have. It differentiates you from many others and enables you to be much more efficient and effective.”