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Developing World-Class Strategic Leaders

December 19-21, 2010: JW Marriott Hotel, Dubai.

High Level Tools, Methods and Techniques to Revolutionise Your Organisation.


This Professional Program will empower you to:

• Be a dynamic and inspirational, strategic leader
• Build a leadership-powered organisation
• Deliver strategic-driven results
• Manage business structures for maximum efficiency
• Develop high-level business and corporate strategies
• Make much sharper decisions
• Be a catalyst for positive change
• Motivate people to greater levels of team performance

Topics Include:

• How being a world-class strategic leader will revolutionise your organisation
• Developing a revolutionary, new, management style
• Ensuring superior operational performance
• New paradigms in strategic management
• How to turn around a de-motivated organisation

Why Attend this Program?

Observe any successful business and you’ll find people running it who have first-rate strategic skills and exceptional leadership abilities. They have a high-level, “big picture” view of the world. They can see things coming that others can’t and they can make the really big decisions at the most critical of moments. They think differently. And, most importantly, when it comes to implementing their ideas, they can also “make it happen”. They can turn their structures into efficient and finely-tuned operational powerhouses. In today’s competitive and turbulent global marketplace, such leaders are no longer optional. They’re absolutely vital.

Who Should Register for this Program?

Business professionals wanting to achieve world class performance, including: CEOs, MDs, VPs, Directors, Divisional Heads, General Managers, Senior Managers, Managers, Supervisors, and practitioners of: 
Strategic Management
Knowledge Management
Performance Management  
Organisational Development
Business Development 
Change Management 
Human Resources
Consumer Products 
Corporate Planning 
Training / Learning

In all industries including:

Government Agencies 
Health-care and Pharmaceutical
International Trade   
Oil and Gas 
Professional Services 
Utilities / Energy
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