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Strategic Planning for Superior Performance
June 14–16, 2010: JW Marriott Hotel, Dubai.

Revolutionise your organisation with powerful new tools and highly-effective techniques.

This Professional Program will empower you to:

• Develop a crystal-clear Strategic Plan that your team will want to “buy into”
• Produce razor-sharp objectives for your organisation to follow
• Obtain new tools and techniques that are highly practical and will help motivate your people
• Create innovative ideas and strategies that will assist your organisation’s development
• Gain new techniques and discover new tools that will improve your business performance
• Understand the power of Strategic Management principles and how they can revolutionise your organisation
• Leverage your influence with higher-level ideas and actions
• Refocus your time, skills and capabilities on areas that will make a substantial difference to your organisation

Topics Include:

• New paradigms in strategic planning—approaching the process from en entirely new perspective
• Breakthrough! Moving your organisation beyond its current situation
• Defining clear organisational-objectives—mapping and cascading precise targets for key people and groups
• Superior performance at its most critical—integrating resources and building critical capabilities
• The biggest challenge in strategic planning—implementation!
• Moving your organisation! Strategic management techniques to overcome resistance and ensure your Strategic Plan gets the results you want

Why Attend this Program?

Strategic planning is the highest-level activity that a can be undertaken in any organisation. It is an extremely powerful and impacting process because it deals with the very core of organisations: their future performance. A very small change in the strategic direction of an organisation can produce quantum change at lower levels.

Professionally managing the strategic planning process is one of the most critical things that an organisation can do. Very few activities are as vital as getting the strategic planning process right, and then aligning an organisation to its objectives, from top to bottom.

One of the biggest challenges in strategic planning today is the engagement of people into the process. In many cases, those involved in the process do not put the effort or energy into it that it requires. Moreover, the same methods and processes are used year after year, making the it predictable and, sometimes, boring.

This “strategic-planning-for-superior-results” program is designed to equip executive managers with highly-effective tools that will give them a competitive edge. It will provide them with the tools, knowledge and information needed to drive better results in their organisations, business units and teams.

In an age where competition is becoming fiercer, customer expectations greater and sustained competitive advantage more and more challenging, organisations must work both harder and smarter to stay ahead. They must take advantage of every opportunity.

This program is a rare opportunity. It combines revolutionary, new, theory and concepts with a highly-practical approach to deliver a very powerful and unique training experience. This will greatly benefit the participants, and, ultimately their organisations.

Who Should Register for this Program?

Business professionals wanting to achieve excellent organisational results, including: CEOs, MDs, VPs, directors, divisional heads, general managers, senior managers, managers, supervisors and practitioners of: 

Strategic planning
Organisational development
Business development 
Change management 
Human resources
Consumer products 
Corporate planning 
Training /learning
Knowledge management 
Performance management 

In all industries including:

Banking and finance
Professional services 
Government agencies 
Health-care and pharmaceutical   
International trade
Oil and gas 
Utilities / energy
To help you get the most out of the program each session is filled with case studies and examples to help you easily learn the concepts and the methodologies. Ample time is given for questions and answers and you are encouraged to follow-up with email queries after the event.


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“No objective was ever reached that was not set first. This high-level program is ideal for leaders who want to know how to create winning battle plans and to deploy them in the field.”