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Mastering High-Performance Management
March 13-15, 2011: JW Marriott Hotel, Dubai.

High-Level Tools, Methods and Techniques to Revolutionise Your Organisation.

This Professional Program will empower you to:

• Achieve world-class standards
• Become a Master of High-Performance Management
• Revolutionise your decision-making processes
• Establish higher-level strategic directions for your team, unit or organisation
• Manage business structures for maximum efficiency
• Streamline operations in line with world-class standards
• Ignite and engage your workforce
• Negotiate better outcomes with key stakeholders

Topics Include:

• Be a Revolution! Master High-Performance Management
• World Class Strategic Management Tools And Models
• Developing A Revolutionary Management Style
• True Leadership
• Hard-Core Decision Making
• Stragegically Creating High Performance
• Mastering The Art of Negotiation

Why Attend this Program?

With greater than 75% of most business plans not achieveing expectations, it’s clear that many executives and managers struggle to achieve maximum day-to-day operational performance from their people. This program addresses this challenge and enables its participants to master key skills that will help them achieve superior results.

Management in today's world is vastly different from what it once was. Today's managers compete in an ever-changing, turbulent, business environment. The demands are constant, with every day presenting a new challenge to surmount. Managers have to devise solutions to problems that seem to come from every direction all at once.

That's why High Performance Managers are invaluable to their organisations. They have a solid range of broad and deep skills and abilities that enable them to out-perform their colleagues time and time again. They are experts at creating value and enabling their organisations to operate at superior performance levels.

The Mastering High Performance Management Program is not theory. It's practice! It addresses a broad range of necessary skills that are central to successful management. These include:
• developing strategy,
• managing operational structures,
• motivating human capital,
• influencing key stakeholders,
• monitoring performance,
• decision making,
• negotiation and
• management style.

It provides the thinking, tools, models and approaches that are needed to raise the level of managers to best-practice standards.

With unique ideas and thinking, global experience, interesting case studies and stimulating role plays, this program will truly help its participants master the art and science of High Performance Management.

Who Should Register for this Program?

Business professionals wanting to achieve excellent organisational results, including: CEOs, MDs, VPs, Directors, Divisional Heads, General Managers, Senior Managers, Managers, Supervisors, and practitioners of: 

Strategic Planning
Organisational Development
Business Development 
Change Management 
Human Resources
Consumer Products 
Corporate Planning 
Training / Learning
Knowledge Management 
Performance Management 

In all industries including:

Banking and Finance
Professional Services 
Government Agencies 
Health-care and Pharmaceutical    
International Trade
Oil and Gas 
Utilities / Energy
To help you get the most out of the program each session is filled with case studies and examples to help you easily learn the concepts and the methodologies. Ample time is given for questions and answers and you are encouraged to follow-up with email queries after the event.
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“If you are a manager at executive, functional or operational level, this is an event not to be missed…If you’re serious about succeeding, register today. It’s really just that simple.”