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Government Funding

Many Governments around the world sponsor training initiatives. Please check with your own Government for relevant training-subsidy arrangements.

Australian Government Funding

The Australian Government is serious about “up-skilling” employees in the nation to attain higher productivity. This is welcome news for employers, who are able to access government funding to develop capabilities within their business and build their competitive advantage.

The Australian Government recognises that businesses within Australia operate in a global marketplace where competition is fierce. Every day, Australian jobs are at risk to overseas competitors. Therefore, a great amount has been invested in developing the skills of the Australian workforce.

This funding ensures greater productivity improvements which are vital for the nation, as well as each employer. Higher skilled people will deliver benefits to business that they would not otherwise receive.

Who is Eligible for Funding?

Funding is provided to businesses within Australia for the training of eligible employees. Many people within businesses are eligible for funding. The employee must:

How is it Paid?

The funds are paid directly to the employer. Typically, the $4,000 is paid in two installments: $1,500 on commencement and $2,500 on completion.

How Blaze Institute Can Help

Blaze Institute can assist with the application for funding from the government. It can also tailor and package funded programs to assist your organisation and help it gain a competitive advantage through its people.

Contact Blaze Institute about assistance with Government Funding, or make a specific enquiry below:

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“Generous funding is available that will assist your organization to develop its capabilities, and compete strongly in the marketplace.”