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“Combining an accredited course with one of Blaze Institute’s
in-house programs provides a valuable solution for many organizations.”


Blaze Institute partners with registered, accredited organisations to provide qualifications in various business disciplines.

Australian Government Accredited Business Qualifications

The Australian government has established accredited qualifications that are recognised nationally. Employers in Australia may also receive government funding for employees who wish to undertake these courses.

Blaze Institiute adds various modules and information from its vast experience and knowledge bank to add significant value to participants of these programs. It also packages up these courses with other courses to provide unique solutions to organisations.

Accredited Courses

Accredited Courses
Diploma of Management.

Business and Frontline Management
Certificate III in Business (Frontline Management).
Certificate IV in Frontline Management.

Customer Services
Certified Customer Service Manager.
Diploma of Business (Customer Service focus).

Customer Contact
Certificate III in Customer Contact.
Cdertificate IV in Customer Contact.

Human Resources
Certificate IV in Human Resources.

Business Sales
Certificate IV in Business Sales.

Business Administration
Certificate IV in Business Administration.

Small Business
Certificate IV in Small Business.

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